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Riding on the basic version of the electric scooter is no longer enough for you? Or maybe you think that your beloved scooter is missing something that would add it some original character and make its use even more pleasant? If you are looking for high-quality parts that would modify and adjust your electric scooter to make your rides even more comfortable – you are in the right place. Check out the wide range of detailed electric scooter mods – suitable for both Ninebot and Xiaomi models. Choose accessories that will significantly extend the life of your scooter and make it your favourite means of transport.

Handles for easy transport of objects Are you planning on going on a tour with your electric scooter, but you absolutely need to take a coffee mug, purse or backpack with you, and also want to listen to music from your phone on the go? Driving with a weight on your back, a cup in one hand and a telephone in the other may not be very pleasant, and certainly - extremely dangerous. The perfect solution to the problem is using various types of handles that allow you to place all items within the steering rod (it also can be replaced, by the way!). In our offer you will find scooter mods - holders for a cup, phone or backpack. Drive wherever you want When deciding to replace the tire, or even the entire wheel in your two-wheeler, the type of surface on which you will be driving shouldn’t be of concern for you. Choose from solidly made thick rubber tires with special holes and enjoy safe driving even on uneven or wet and slippery terrain. In this aspect, the replacement of the suspension will also be a facilitation for you. Protection and modification in one Protect your scooter and enjoy it for years to come by increasing efficiency through ordering a panel cover selected from among many colour variants. Its waterproof material will protect the scooter, and the original shade will give it an individual style. You can also decide to buy other modifiers for the electric scooter, e.g. a cover for the lower part of the scooter deck, protecting it from the negative effects of driving on unpaved surfaces.
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