Electric Scooter Spare Parts

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A punctured tire, a broken fender, or a damaged folding mechanism? During long-term use of the electric scooter, various unexpected accidents or equipment failures may occur. In our offer, you will find the highest quality spare parts for the electric scooter for all models of Ninebot and Xiaomi scooters. Stock up on the part you need – repair or modification of your two-wheeler will be done in no time, and you will again enjoy its full efficiency and trouble-free driving every day. The products made with the highest precision will ensure that your favourite electric scooter will serve you for a long time.

Full control of the scooter See for yourself how important an element of your two-wheeler is solid tires and decide to replace those worn for a long time with new ones, enabling you to better control the scooter. See how a properly selected tire sticks to the surface and protects you from falling into a dangerous skid. Also test tires made of thicker, more durable rubber, increasing the comfort of driving on uneven terrain. The absence of bothersome shocks will allow you to enjoy the ride even more. Your scooter needs to always be ready to go Forget about the hassle of charging your electric scooter. The spare parts for the electric scooter available in our offer, such as a charger with a cable, a battery or a battery control board, will ensure it is always charged and ready to go on the road. Orderable components, including folding mechanisms, brakes and their discs, as well as any bolts will restore your scooter to working order faster than you expect. Protection of the two-wheeler from damage Protect your electric scooter against possible breakdowns by choosing from our covers / spare parts for the electric scooter. Refined pads will take care of the proper functioning of the scooter panel or the battery, as well as the condition of the platform, front-wheel hub, charging port or steering wheel, so do not wait and act before it is too late!
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