Xiaomi scooter accessories

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Get ready for a complete change of your fast as an arrow Xiaomi Electric Scooter. Accessories suitable for the M365, PRO, PRO2, 1S and ESSENTIAL models available in our offer will allow you to decorate the scooter so that it matches your style and is visible to all road users, even when driving in the dark. Functional gadgets such as phone or cup holders will make the scooter an even more convenient means of transport, and various types of helmets will protect your head against the sad consequences of an unexpected fall. Our products of the highest quality will ensure you don’t need to fear even the air coming off the tire. Reliable, small, electric pump and other unique accessories will allow you to comfortably use the scooter all day long!

Relief for legs and back Forget riding an electric scooter with the annoying, painful on your back backpack or handbag. Get the accessories that can be installed on the Xiaomi scooter bar - a basket or a trunk - and pack them with items that you need or want to take with you on the road. You can also opt for a special hook on which to hang your own bag. In addition to your tired back, you can also let your sore feet rest during a long ride. Install a comfortable seat in your Xiaomi electric scooter which will further fuel the joy of using it. Stand out from the crowd Let the sad, grey platform of your electric scooter cheer up with a special sticker with an original pattern adapted to it. Choose from the options available, such as a surfer and palm trees against a sunny background, starry outer space or the flag of Great Britain. Remember how important your safety is and stick colourful stickers also on the bar and the sides of the platform. Their reflective properties will make you stand out from the crowd, especially when riding the scooter in the evening or at night.
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