Ninebot Max G30 Scooter Accessories

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It doesn’t take much for your favourite Ninebot MAX G30 scooter to turn into an even more attractive, comfortable and safer means of transport. In our offer, you will find various types of accessories for the Ninebot MAX G30, the installation of which will affect the quality of riding and the appearance of your scooter. Numerous colour variants of reflective and decorative stickers will contribute to your visibility on the road and will impress the owners of other scooters. Remember that safety is paramount when using an electric scooter. In order to protect your head from the dangerous effects of unexpected tipping over, we also offer you various types of helmets.

Match the look of the scooter to your style Colourful lines, bloodcurdling, menacing skull, or maybe a funny cat? Decide how the platform of your Ninebot MAX G30 electric scooter should look like - accessories available in our store allow for any optimization, adding originality to the equipment. You can also choose to stick a special set of stickers on the entire scooter. Let everyone notice from a distance the oncoming two-wheeler, whose appearance reflects your unique, individual style. In order to extend the life of the scooter, you can also protect its panel with a special silicone cover. A neon accent will further liven up its appearance. After safety, comfort is the most important Listen to your favourite music from the phone, which you can place in a specially designed holder mounted on the steering wheel of your scooter during a pleasant. Let the comfort of using the scooter reach the highest possible level when you add the cup holder available in our offer. Complete this with the addition of a bag or basket for necessary items and a comfortable seat that can be installed in the Ninebot MAX G30 scooter – such accessories will make it no longer necessary to use it only while standing. Sit back and ride wherever you want!
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